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Attention to detail is given in the layout of the wood grain, precision of each cut, and using special techniques to join the wood ensuring you have an art piece filled with dedication, beauty and strength.

To guarantee our commitment in quality and uniqueness, here are some of the features you will find in some of our products:

Dovetail Joinery - Known for its strength and beauty in drawer construction, this technique ensures lasting durability of our products due to its resistance to being pulled apart.
The Side on Side wood glide - Seen on some of our drawers ensures ultra-smooth closures and a much greater durability of the product for years to come.
Mortise and Tenon Joinery - Known to be used for elaborate Victorian furniture or ships, this wood joint technique is extremely strong due to the large mating area between the tenon and mortise. This technique definitely adds great longevity to our products and can be seen in many of our pieces from our teak and mango collection.
Finger Joint on Wood - Seen at the surface of our furniture, this joint technique adds great amount of strength due to the long-grain to long-grain contact between the fingers, providing a solid gluing surface that ensures a perfect union of the wood for generations to come.
Finishings - Our furniture finish uses specialized methods of aging the wood, multiple coats of lacquer and a hand-rubbed custom wax finish applied to the attractive grain with its rich, warm color of wood like no other. This ensures that each piece is durable, easy to maintain and repairable.
Some products like our dining tables will use a Poly-Urethane base coating in order to ensure extra protection and product durability.
Complete Finish - All furniture surfaces are completely sanded, stained, and finished in and out, leaving no space uncompleted.

Kiln-Drying -
All of our wood is kiln-dried to prevent splitting; warping or cracking caused by temperature and humidity changes.

Fumigation -
All of our products are fumigated at least twice against insects and hazards such as termites before the products are made as well as after they are placed inside the containers for shipment to you.