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SiL Vana’s mission is to provide uniquely beautiful, environmentally friendly furniture and accessories. The majority of our products are harvested and then constructed from sustainable forestry in the form of reclaimed wood. This process also includes other eco-friendly materials such as: bamboo, banana bark and water hyacinth; which are all known for their breadth and capacity for rapid growth.

A great portion of our furniture collections are constructed of reclaimed woods from old, and often historic, home sites that would otherwise be demolished or destroyed without the opportunity to provide a second life as an exceptional furniture piece.

Our master craftsmen are careful to select properly dried wood that will provide the durability and beauty you have come to expect from SiL Vana without succumbing to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Often times these reclaimed wood pieces are stronger because they have been ‘drying’ for 60 years or longer. This translates to little or no variations in the wood once it has been converted into part of our furniture collection. These pieces offer a bit of history, and an opportunity for our customers to contribute to a greener lifestyle.